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Staffing Business Software

From hiring, assigning to payroll and billing.

Key Features


“Thestaffer” provides a perfect solution to post jobs, review applications, schedule interviews, shortlist and hire applicants all on a single platform....


“With TheStaffer”, you can go almost entirely paperless with your employee onboarding process. TheStaffer onboarding platform lets...

Timesheets & Scheduling

Accurate tracking of employee timesheets is essential for running any staffing company. In fact this is typically one of the most time...

Billing & Invoicing

TheStafffer simplifies your billing and invoicing process with your customers. TheStaffer has a unique billing and invoicing system...

Accounting & Finance

With TheStaffer Financials you can post payments against invoices, review your overdue invoice reports, track your A/R reports…

Employee Productivity

With TheStaffer, employee productivity system, you can get feedback from the clients on employee performance...

Document & Compliance Management

With TheStaffer, you can make sure your employee documents are always in compliance. The system reminds you if an employee…

Customer Portal

TheStaffer customer portal makes the communication between Staffing agency, employees and client a breeze...

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Staff Management Software

TheStaffer is an industry leading fully customizable cloud-based software for Staffing Businesses. TheStaffer is one of the very few fully integrated software solution that allows Staffing Businesses to automate all their major workflows, ranging from hiring, interview scheduling, shortlisting, onboarding, scheduling, billing & invoicing and various other back office operations.
Unlike other softwares in the Staffing industry that provide either only front office(hiring/onboarding) or back office automation features. TheStaffer is an end-to-end full spectrum Staffing Business Management system designed to increase productivity and reduce workload of Staffing Businesses by utilizing its end to end automation options.


Save Time & Money

Know exactly where you can improve your operational performance. We do the hard work for you so you can focus where it counts.

One Stop Shop

Why use and pay for five different software’s when you can manage everything through one.

Reliability & Security

No need to backup your data when it is all saved on our highly secure and reliable servers.

Live Data Anytime Anywhere

Get live updates, data feeds and reports on your phone. Run your company from wherever you are.

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for what you use. Why pay for features and reports that you do not require?

24/7 Customer Support

New to TheStaffer? Need to train a new team member? Found a bug in the system? We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Staff Management Software

With TheStaffer mobile app for employees, employees can use following key features

  • Submit their onboarding documents
  • Maintain their document compliance by submitting updated documents
  • Submit timesheets
  • View job assignments
  • Apply for open job positions
  • View their gross payroll
  • Clock in and Clock out to mark time and attendance
  • Get notifications from employer or staffing business
  • View work history


TheStaffer has a hassle free monthly subscription pricing model. There are no long term contracts, neither any hefty setup and hardware costs associated. Not only that through TheStaffer flexible pricing structure, you only pay subscription charges for the features that you use. The good news is unlike our competitors we do not put a limit or charge you for the number of users using the system

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Our Team

TheStaffer team comprises of experienced team of staffing industry professionals along with a dynamic group of software developers, interface designers, database admins and quality assurance analysts. Although we all come from diverse backgrounds and we all have different skill sets, we get together as a team because we rely on each other’s experience to make TheStafer a perfect Staffing Business software solution.

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